We Are the Ones We’re Waiting For

Endorsed by Actor Helen Mirren, Women’s Voices Now is a globally inclusive online women’s rights film festival that uses the power of social-change media to advance women’s and girls’ rights. 228 films from 43 countries entered this year’s festival to compete for cash prizes in the categories of documentary feature, documentary short, narrative short, experimental, and student/youth. The winning films of the 6th annual online film festival will be available to watch starting March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day. Women’s Voices Now invites the global public to view the winning films, online from March 8 to  March 31, 2019.

the winning films, online from March 8 to  March 31, 2019.

“Women’s Voices Now carefully selects films and filmmakers to its festivals that have the capacity to catalyze positive social change. With a world that is so connected, yet, at the same time, so polarized, we need exposure to stories that remind us of our shared humanity. The winning films of ‘We Are the Ones We’re Waiting For’ tell stories that move us to empathy. When it comes to women’s rights we need empathy because we must all feel the necessity for this movement. After all, it is a human rights struggle, the success of which, ultimately, serves to improve the status of all” – Helen  Mirren, Actor

The title of this year’s festival is: We Are the Ones We’re Waiting For. The five winning films illustrate this theme by highlighting how traditional stereotypes of women characterize females as fragile and prone to victimhood. Character assumptions like these inform us that women are passive and infantile. In this paradigm, women become the prey of society’s darker elements. We Are The Ones We’re Waiting For portrays women in their truths: resourceful, indefatigable, brave, hopeful, and determined. They remind us that women need not wait for an external liberator. The hero — she is within.

“The winning films of the 2019 WVN Film Festival allow us to bear witness to some of the most difficult realities women face today and they task our hearts with remaining open. Our differences are certainly real, but where and when it matters — moments of suffering, joy, challenge, and victory — our needs and our desires are all the same” – Heidi Basch-Harod, Women’s Voices Now Executive Director.

HOW TO VIEW THE WINNING FILMS (MAR.8-31, 2019): The winning films from the 2019 WVN Online Film Festival will be available to rent and view through Vimeo Pay-Per-View for $4.99, from March 8, 2019 (International Women’s Day) through March 31, 2019 at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/wvnfilmfest2019.
All proceeds from the Vimeo pay-per-view will go toward cash prizes for the 2020 WVN Online Film Festival.

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