The Grandfather of All Treaties

Director: Candace Maracle

Making its world premiere, The Grandfather of All Treaties is a documentary rich in history, culture, and hope.

The documentary focuses on Two Row Wampum used by the Mohawks (Haudenosaunee) 400 years ago to form treaties with Dutch and English settlers and determine their peaceful coexistence. While most people may have a general idea of how the European settlers have failed to respect these and other treaties, the documentary provides a more depth view of the Mohawks’ culture and their struggle over the last couple of centuries. The individuals in the documentary also attempt to provide suggestions on how to move forward, starting with getting rid of the division and meeting on equal grounds.

Director Maracle and the documentary participants do a great job of injecting humor and levity into a very serious subject. It allows the viewer to easily absorb the information and become invested. The documentary is highly recommended and gets five out of five stars.

Esther Simera

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