TIFF’s Short Cuts Programme 05

TIFF is bringing us another line up of 8 short films, all less than 50 minutes long. The future is female and these films have some strong ones. Some highlights include:

Fuck You
Run Time 15 minutes
Language: Swedish with English subtitles

The short film is about teenage sexuality, reversal of gender roles, attraction, taboo topics, pleasure, and enlightenment. Alice and her friends steal a sex toy, which Alice then tries on to the chagrin of her boyfriend and their friends. Just by wearing the object, she challenges her boyfriend’s ideology on gender roles, Alice shifts the power dynamic between the genders and in the process feels more empowered as a young girl. This film contains highly explicit sexual content and is best suited for an older audience. This Swedish short film is a bold look at teenage female sexuality, which may cause discomfort and will definitely make for an interesting discourse on gender roles.

Emptying the Tank
Run Time: 9 Minutes

Ashley Nichols, a Chippewa female mixed martial artist, found boxing to be an outlet and also a path to spirituality and health. It served as an escape from her childhood reality and gave her the balance and empowerment she sought. She incorporates her culture in her career and pregame rituals. The art of Mai Tai, as told from her perspective, is about improving one’s life as a fighter and as a human being.

Captured in black and white, this inspiring and beautiful film opens up the world of Martial arts as it relates to female empowerment, athleticism, and living life true to the core values of the practice.

The films will be screened Saturday September 15, tickets are available at TIFF.net


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