TIFF’s Short Cuts Programme 02

Tonight TIFF‘s Short Cuts Programme 02 will feature six short films, less than 50 minutes long. The characters in the six films have complicated relationships and trouble experiencing and expressing love. Some stand out films are:

Title: Dziadzao

Run Time: 12 minutes

Stefania cares for her elderly landlord, who also happens to be her grandfather. He is blunt and
very old school in his views on life and people in general. She is a young woman struggling in
her career or lack of one. Her landlord Dziadzio thinks she is young and should be
working and is not pleased that she is not following their traditions.

The film is reflective of the mundane and routine riddled life of a millennial who while caring
for an elderly person, tries to navigate her way in the world. Each day is much like the next and
to elevate her mind from the drudgery of her life, she gives in to her desire to partake of his

The short is open to interpretation as the sequence of events could have different meanings when viewed in different contexts. It also allows the audience to have a subjective interpretation of the work and boldly attempts to cover a taboo.

Title: Old Thing

Run Time: 15 minutes

The short film is about an old man and his son who set out on a journey with their old horse to collect and buy junk items. The old man’s trade is buying and selling any unwanted forgotten things that have passed their prime and is no longer of use to their owner. In this short film, the dynamic between an aging parent and a well-intentioned child is explored as well as the stubborn independence of those who have lived their lives in a particular way for a long period of time.

The relationship between the two men and their relationship to the horse is as beautiful as it is frustrating and painful. The film subtly explores how we treat things in our society that we consider to be old. What does it mean to be old? Why do we throw away things that have aged? If one man’s trash is another man’s gold is it actually trash? Or, is it that we fail to see the value in experience and the beauty of sentiment?

The short is a reflective peace that will interest those who are drawn to condensed, concise story telling. It has captured different philosophies and displays beautiful imagery.

The six films will be screened tonight Thursday September 13, tickets are available at Tiff.net.

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