The Fish In Me (Icimdeki Balik)

Source: Film Lovers

Director: Ertan Velimatti Alagöz

Cast: Deniz Celiloglu, Okan Avci, Deniz Ozdogan

Rating: 4/5

The Fish In Me is written and directed by Ertan Velimatti Alagöz. Barris (Deniz Celiloğlu) is a depressed, cynical, and sullen biologist who feels out of place in this world. He prefers the company of the fish involved in his research and those in his fish store to that of other people; his poor social skills and crippling anxiety makes it difficult for him to form and maintain relationships.

Barris was born with a defect in his left hand that gives the appearance of a flipper rather than a human hand. This malformation is one of the main reasons why he feels that he has more in common with fish to the point that he actually identifies with them. This deformity is also the basis of his research and numerous experiments where he tries to prove the similarity between humans and fish. He feels that his life is empty and that he, like the fish in his aquarium, is trapped in a place where he does not belong and he yearns for freedom. Following a series of events that change the reality of his existence, Barris decides to break free, travel, and find himself as well as continue his intensive research and experiments.

In addition to Barris’ complexes and inner conflicts, the film explores issues of love and romance, attachment, change, and personal development. The Fish In Me is a refreshing contrast to North American films that entail similar themes and story lines. The humor is dry and witty and the events in the film have a natural flow. The plot is simple yet sophisticated, some major events and information are revealed to the viewer by dialogue between characters and there are no unnecessary scenes or dialogue; they all combine to create an interesting story. As a result, the film is able to hold the attention of the viewer and makes it rather easy to follow the story line.

Another feature of the film that adds to its richness is the complexity of all the characters. They significantly contribute to the plot, unlike other films that often contain a few characters whose presence could be erased from the story and the viewer would not feel their absence. The Fish In Me does a wonderful job of using characters who add color and richness to the film. It is slow paced at times but that is offset by sudden transitions and changes that affect the main characters. Finally, the scenery and setting of the film following Barris’ emancipation is breathtakingly beautiful and a stark contrast to the setting of earlier scenes.

Overall The Fish In Me is a brilliantly written and directed film that can be enjoyed by those who enjoy films with substance, a strong cast, new and different perspectives in film, and varied cultural representation.

Nekisha M.

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