The Birdwatcher

“The Birdwatcher” will be shown at the 14th annual Female Eye Film Festival June 17, 2016 7:30pm-9:30pm at The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The filmmaker, producer, and cast will be on hand for Q & A.

Director: Siobhan Devine

Cast: Camille Sullivan, Gabrielle Rose, Matreya Fedor, Jakob Davies, Garwin Sanford (Finch)

Rating: 4/5

The Birdwatcher is an emotional film about single mother and social worker Saffron (Camille Sullivan), who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Following the diagnosis, Saffron comes to the gripping realization that when she dies her children, Lucy (Matreya Fedor), a moody 14 year-old, and Jonah (Jakob Davies), a gentle and spirited eight year-old, will be all alone and most likely end up in the flawed foster care system she knows too well. Desperate to prevent this from happening, she embarks on a journey to reconnect with her birth mother. Birdy (Gabrielle Rose), Saffron’s birth mother, is a successful ornithologist (birdwatcher) and writer. She is married to Finch (Garwin Sanford), who is an artist; the two reside in an RV in a rain forest that serves as the research ground for Birdy’s new book. When Saffron finds her mother, she takes her children for a visit and a weekend of camping.  1449284516The events that unfold during and after this camping trip significantly changes the lives of each character, giving even more life to the emotional thread that is woven throughout this film. The Birdwatcher is a riveting tale of love, motherhood, fear, rejection, forgiveness, mortality, and strength. The film explores the sacrifices made by women, mothers in particular, and how decisions have long lasting consequences. The film is set in Vancouver’s inner city and beautiful rain forest, which provides a breathtaking scenic view. The Birdwatcher, supported by an amazingly talented cast, unfolds a beautiful, moving narrative that is a must see.



This is director, Canadian and Vancouver native, Siobhan Devine’s debut feature. She has been awarded the WIFTV’s Spotlight Image Award and the WIDC Feature Film Award. Devine is quite an accomplished director, with many credits to her name ,and is in the process of creating her second feature.


Nekisha McLeod

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