“The Awakening” by Kevin Ross is an R&B Revival

Genres: R&B/Soul

Released: Mar 24, 2017

Record Label: Motown Records/Universal Records

Rating: 4/5

The first time I had the pleasure of hearing Kevin Ross’ soul-over-flowing voice was in 2014, during a Glade commercial. A singer/song writer/producer from the Washington D.C./Maryland area, Ross was performing his song “This is My Wish” and it played all Christmas season. I liked the song and loved Ross’ beautiful melodic voice. It reminded me of my favorite oldies, basically most R&B music released more then 10 years ago. I didn’t hear anymore music from him until last year when I started being more proactive about searching out newer and lesser known artists. That’s when I discovered “Dream ft. Chaz French” and was hooked. “Dream” is a great love song that originally appeared on Ross’ first EP, Dialogue in Grey, in 2014 and was remixed for his major label debut The Awakening. It’s a well written creative love song with a wonderful melody.

My other favorite singles from his new album are the anthem “Be Great ft. Chaz French”

and the love songs “Don’t Go” and “Long Song Away,” which became his first Billboard No. 1 when it topped the Adult R&B Songs Chart in April 2017.

Ross grew up listening to classic R&B and he does a very good job of infusing that throughout The Awakening. He stays away from over producing and synthesizing his music, allowing his great voice and thoughtful lyrics to shine. At the same time, his music, which mostly revolves around love and relationships, is still very current and relevant. I didn’t love all the songs but I like the album over all and most songs are on my personal playlist. Make sure to get the album and try to catch Ross on his US tour starting May 24, 2017 http://www.kevinrossmusic.net/new-events

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