Reel Asian International Film Festival 2015

Reel Asian International Film Festival is Canada’s largest Asian film festival and is committed to sharing the best modern Asian cinema from around the world. While providing a platform for a vastly under represented demographic, the festival helps introduce Canadian’s to the Asian culture and experience while helping to create a common ground to build on. The 19th annual Reel Asian Film Festival ran from November 5-15 in Toronto and presented 72 features from a number of regions including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Afghanistan, Taiwan, and India. This year’s festival was a tremendous success; here are some of the key highlights:

Ø  Full house for Opening Gala DRIVING WITH SELVI with Canadian director Elisa Paloschi and documentary subject Selvi in attendance

Ø  Sold-out screening of the North American Premiere of Centrepiece Gala and Taiwanese hit OUR TIMES with first-time director and veteran TV producer Frankie Chen in attendance

Ø  International Premiere of the festival’s first Tamil screening of KIRUMI, from first feature filmmaker Anucharan Murugaiyan

Ø  Standing ovation at Toronto Closing Gala SEOUL SEARCHING with Canadian-born director Benson Lee and actress Rosalina Leigh in attendance

Ø  International guests including director LEE Won-Suk (THE ROYAL TAILOR (see our review), South Korea), director Anucharan Murugaiyan (KIRUMI, India), director Philip Yung (PORT OF CALL, Hong Kong), actress Susan Shaw (FULL STRIKE, Hong Kong), and director Lau Ho Leung (TWO THUMBS UP, Hong Kong).

Ø  A return to the stunning Aga Khan Museum featuring award-winning MINA WALKING, a feature from Afghan-Canadian filmmaker Yosef Baraki

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