Need for Meat (Vleesverlangen)

Director: Marijn Frank

Language: Dutch (English Subtitles)

Rating:  4/5

To eat meat or not to eat meat? That’s Director Marijn Frank’s dilemma in Need for Meat (Vleesverlangen), screened at the 2016 Eatable Film Festival. In the documentary, she puts her big girl panties on and tackles it head on.13076618_602265729932039_5025621177767221796_n

Marijn invites us on her journey to resolve her relationship, which is pretty much an addiction, with meat. She grew up vegetarian, but has been having trouble maintaining the lifestyle in her adult life. It’s a guilty pleasure that has troubled her more since her daughter was born. Motherhood seems to have spurred her to be more critical and reflective of her values, especially those she was taught in her upbringing. So Marijn leaves no stone unturned in her decision processes, incorporating science, therapy, and discussions with passionate people on both sides of the debate; even becoming a butcher.10426608_402373573254590_3886606215651258819_n

Need for Meat (Vleesverlangen) is a fun documentary with a slight message, if you want it. Marijn is self-deprecating and manages to be open and raw, while being entertaining and infusing humor into almost every situation. This movie is not recommended for children, due to graphic sex scenes, nudity, and scenes of live and dead animals being butchered. It’s recommended for most adults who eat food but probably not Vegetarians/Vegans.


Marijn Frank is a Dutch director and actress. She has almost ten years experienced in TV and film, and Need for Meat (Vleesverlangen) is her fourth documentary.




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