McDull: Me & My Mum

Director: Brian Tse

Cast: Sandra Ng, Anthony Wong, BabyJohn, Li Yundi, The Pancakes, Zhang Zheng Zhong

Rating: 4/5

Mcdull: Me and My Mum is an animated film from Hong Kong making its North American premiere at the Reel Asian Film Festival 2015. It is a funny and heartwarming film that reminds us there’s no such thing as a truly self-made anything because no one can exist without at least two people’s assistance. The film explores this theme by giving tribute to most people’s favorite gal, MOM.

Bobby Mak(voiced by BabyJohn) is a famous detective whose skills revile that of the great Sherlock Holmes. One of his unexpected, and probably best, character traits is his humility. During a lull in an investigation, he tells his life story and reveals that he was once a higgledy-piggledy youth named McDull (voiced by Zhang Zheng Zhong), who couldn’t do anything right. Despite this, his mother, Mrs. Mak (voiced by Sandra Ng), had faith in him and was determined to give her son a better life than she had. She was the ultimate hustler, jack of all trades and master of none. She was not able to translate any of her skills into a reliable financial security, but managed to do the next best thing by preparing her son to fulfill his potential.

Parents should be aware that the movie is in Cantonese and there are English subtitles. Viewers in general are encouraged to suspend belief and accept that Bobby’s family is the only walking and talking pig in a world of humans and Mr. Mak’s absence is never explained. Most likely this was done to emphasize their uniqueness and because it’s children’s cartoon. Other than that, director Tse has created a thoroughly enjoyable film with an original storyline that should appeal to a broad range of people. All the characters are memorable, with the irrefutable star being Mrs. Mak. Everyone needs to have someone as creative and loyal as Mrs. Mak in their lives, who inspires you with her unstoppable drive. The movie reminds us, though, that we shouldn’t take them for granted but cherish them when their still around by loving them more.  I give the film four out five stars.

Esther Simera

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