Ears (Orecchie)

Ears (Orecchie) will be playing in Vaughan tomorrow June 12, 2017 at 6:15, there’s still time to get tickets.

Director: Alessandro Aronadio

Cast: Daniele Parisi, Silvia D’Amico, Pamela Villoresi

Language: Italian (English Subtitles)

Rating:  4.5/5

Ears (Orecchie) is an Italian film making it’s Canadian Premiere at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival. The comedy follows a pessimist in what seems to be the worst day of his life. Will he be able to change his stinky thinking enough to reverse the world his imagined to life? 

Luis (Daniele Parisi) starts his terrible day with an explicable ringing in his ears. Before he can finish his breakfast, he is faced with another conundrum in the form of a note from his girlfriend Alice (Silvia D’Amico). It notifies him that his friend Luigi has died, but he can’t recall being friends with anyone named Luigi. As he attempts to solve these two mysteries, he encounters a lot of hurdles and myriad of strange and difficult people. It seems as if Luis is the world’s punching bag and the hits keep coming, each one harder than the last. As the movie progresses, though, it starts to become evident that Luis has some problems of his own making. He is an atheist who has even less faith in his fellow man than a higher power.  

To quote author Dr. Nikki Krampah’s book Seeds of Abundance, “The Subconsious Can Not Take a Joke.” His book is similar to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret and teaches that what you think and say, whether negative or positive, will manifest itself in your life. Luis goes through life expecting the worst and gets it. When asked “Do you think there’s any hope for the world”, he responds, “No.” All the people who know him, including his mother (Pamela Villoresi), describe him as antisocial and narrow minded. Director Aronadio goal is greater than just putting him through hell; instead, he guides Luis though purgatory. The ringing in his ear is a physical manifestation of his inability to be open minded. So, while his many misadventures seem like a punishment, they are hard lessons being drilled into a harder head.

Ears (Orecchie) is a deceptively simple comedy, all in black and white, with a lot of heart. It has a great cast and with great performances. While some parts are bit slow and predictable, Director Aronadio injects a lot of creatively and unexpected gems through out. There are not a lot of wasted scenes and many memorable characters. It’s a must see.

Alessandro Aronadio was born in Italy and received his degree in the US. He is a writer, producer, and has done some acting. As a director, Aronadio has 7 films to his credit.




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