Behind The Curve

Director: Daniel J. Clark

Rating: 4/5

Hundreds of years ago, people risked their lives to prove the earth is round. When Columbus sailed the ocean blue, many people expected him to fall off the ocean’s cliff. After millions of boat, plane, and rocket ship rides around what most people agree is a round earth, there are an increasing number of people who now think the world is actually flat.

In Behind The Curve, Director Clark followers the leaders behind this conspiracy theory as they rally to spread their message and challenge scientific proofs. The documentary does a great job of presenting diverse views and opinions from both flat earthers and the scientific community.

Behind The Curve will make its World Premiere at the 2018 Hot Docs and you can get your tickets now:

MONDAY, APRIL 30                         9:00 PM               TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2                       1:00 PM               TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

SUNDAY, MAY 6                               8:30 PM               TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX

Daniel J. Clark has worked on documentary films in almost every capacity—as an editor, camera operator, sound designer, graphic artist, re-recording mixer, and more—but Behind The Curve is his feature directorial debut. His past work has premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (All Work All Play), Full Frame Documentary Festival (If You Build It) Chicago International Film Festival (30 for 30: Catholics vs. Convicts), and in theaters across the world. He has directed projects for IFC, Funny or Die, and directed a television pilot, Cowards , which won “Best Comedy Pilot” at the New York Television Festival in 2014. Daniel holds a Master’s Degree from Syracuse University in filmmaking and an undergraduate degree from Ball State University in music with a minor in physics. When he’s not involved in TV or movies, he can be found at his drum set.


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