As She Is

“As She Is” will be shown at the 14th annual Female Eye Film Festival June 15, 2016 11:00am-1:00pm at The Theatre Centre, 1115 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The filmmaker will be on hand for Q & A.

Director: Megan McFeely

Rating: 3/5

As She Is is a documentary that features a number of individuals who are involved in environmentalism, artistic creation, human rights, and feminism. The documentary is about the nature of femininity, the struggle between the masculine and the feminine aspects of ourselves, our culture, and the world around us. It explores the fact that western society, and to a large extent the rest of the world, has been influenced by masculinity, and the way our world is structured, is a product of the system of patriarchy.

Masculinity has always been seen as this dominant, aggressive force that is focused on conquering, gaining power, and being strong. The world as we know it has been shaped by a history of patriarchy. Female voices and influence over the shaping of our world has only been of significance since the early to mid-20th century. The state of our world as it is, in terms of economic and social structure, as well as the state of the environment, has been a product of the essence of masculinity.

Masculinity has also influenced how women view themselves in all aspects of life. Women often have to change their intrinsic nature and adapt to a masculine world. Femininity’s essence is concerned with giving life force and receiving. It is of a spiritual nature, caring, empathizing, and nurturing, and it is often stifled in order for women to have a place in a masculine space. Femininity in and of itself has a healing power and a certain level of calmness and connection with nature and the earth.

In the documentary, McFeely explores the hidden strengths of femininity and how exploring one’s inner self, as a woman, can lead to a journey to self-discovery that can awaken a part of us we didn’t know existed. McFeely created this documentary as she began her own roads to self-discovery, following a series of traumatic experiences. This documentary is very eye opening and insightful and is suitable for audiences of all ages, particularly those interested in feminism, philosophy, art, environmentalism, social change, and health and well being.

Director Megan McFeely is US born, and this is her first film. She currently works as an outreach director and associate producer for the TV show Global Spirit and writes for the Huffington Post and the Contemplative Journal.

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